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Coloring App is Helping Some MS Patients Relax

July 25, 2016

Any parent knows that a coloring book can be a great tool to occupy a child’s time and have them calm down. Only now, adults are finding therapy in coloring as well.

“I was told when you get stressed take a walk,” 37-year-old Bridget Willett said. “I already had 15,000 steps and I was tired. A friend asked me why don’t you start coloring?”

The designs in adult coloring books are all over the place. Some are simple shapes of owls and peacocks. Others are more elaborate cafe scenes. Some seem to have endless layers of spatially immaculate blank spaces.

However, adult coloring books don’t always have to come in physical form. MS Patient Judy Fisher, 62, uses the “Color Therapy” app on her iPad. It has a display of solid colors and gradients. Fisher simply taps the color she wants and drags it to a blank section she wants to color. The app is especially helpful since her multiple sclerosis makes it difficult for her to hold pens and pencils.