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Take Control of Your Weight

March 2, 2016

Fatigue, therapies and depression can lead to some unwanted weight being put on for MS patients. Sometimes there is just nothing you can do in that situation, but there are a few precautions you can take to try and control it:

  • Set Goals- It is important to set goals. Start off with ones that are easily attainable and proceed to challenge yourself. When you hit your goals, you will become motivated and want to keep going.

  • Don’t Restrict Yourself- Diets can be great for a quick fix, but restricting yourself to one diet will be miserable. Begin by having smaller portions and focusing on improving one meal a day. Once that is completed move on to two meals a day and so on.

  • Snacks- Healthy snacking helps to control your appetite so you don’t eat too much at regular meals. Snacking also keeps your metabolism working steadily, which makes your body burn calories efficiently. That doesn’t mean grab a bag of Ruffles and go to town; try baby carrots, oranges or nuts.

  • Follow Cravings- That’s right. When you have a craving for something, have it, but make yourself earn it. Spend that extra time at the gym or be really healthy the rest of the day. You will get your cheeseburger or piece of pie, but also feel okay about it because you earned it.

  • Find a Partner- There are always people around you that want to better themselves as well. Going through something with a teammate makes it easier and more fun. Plus it always gives you somebody to complain to!

  • Check Your Calendar- There is no doubt you have birthdays, weddings or vacations coming up and you’ll want to be in good shape for them. Look ahead to these events when the going gets tough and you will find all the motivation you need.