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Assistive Device: Echo Smart Pen

October 20, 2015

Whether you are a student, or simply somebody that likes to write, this computerized pen can make your life easier in so many ways. The Echo smart pen has gone above and beyond to level the playing field for disabled students and writers.

Record audio and play it back instantly. This pen has a built-in microphone and speaker, giving you the ability to record someone speaking in completely clear sound and instantly play it back. This will especially help students who are suffering from MS, who may not be cognitively sound on that particular day. These students can relax and focus on learning, knowing that they’ll be able to play back the lecture as many times as they would like. They could go to the library during finals week and listen to a lecture from a month ago on headphones. The pen can store 2GB (200 hours) of audio.

Load your notes to your computer. Messing with a scanner or fax machine to transfer notes? This pen has a built in USB port to instantly load your paperless notes or audio onto your computer. It remembers every stroke of the pen that you make and even knows when you switched to a new page. This is made possible by using the special my-script notebook. Instead of asking friends for the notes you missed, they’ll be coming to you!

“These technologies help level a playing field for individuals who would not be able to demonstrate their capabilities as learners,” Brant Parker, director of learning and innovation technology - Calgary Board of Education in Canada.” – New York Times

You will also be able to play back “pencasts”, which is a video that plays back the audio you recorded synced with what you wrote at the time. This pen has already proven to reduce stress, and help people who struggle with short term memory loss.

You can learn more about the pen or even purchase one here.