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The Fasting Diet Could Ease Your MS Symptoms

June 7, 2016

Researchers have found that implementing a diet that involves periods of fasting into your eating routine could help fight off autoimmune conditions such as multiple sclerosis.

The study was performed on mice then followed by a small human trial which showed that the diet was in fact able to help reverse those symptoms of MS. Lead researcher Valter Longo from the University of South Carolina says, “During the fasting-mimicking diet, cortisone is produced and that initiates a killing of autoimmune cells,”. She also says the process leads to the production of new and healthy cells.

Both the mice and humans have shown early evidence that this eating pattern could potentially help reverse some damage from the autoimmune conditions.

While the fasting diet can be interpreted in a variety of ways, this one in particular developed by Longo and his team works by cutting calorie-consumption in half for three out of seven days. The conducted research also shows the diet not only kills bad immune cells but could also reduce disease and markers of ageing in humans.

Larger human based trials are to be conducted in the future, as the researchers will need to do so in order to determine for sure if the calorie-restricted diet is what leads to these positive health effects.