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The First Greek Patented Therapy for MS Is a Good One

January 19, 2016

We are inching closer to the release of the first Greek-patented therapy against MS. Yiannis Matsoukas, professor of chemistry at the University of Patras, who worked with large Greek Phramaceutical company VIANEX SA, and his team obtained the first world patent for a ground-breaking therapeutic, which could treat hundreds of thousands of people suffering from MS.

Dr. Matsoukas and his team believe that they have discovered a trigger, as well as possible blockers for that trigger. Using this info they have developed an agent that they believe can keep the disease from progressing.

"My collaboration with Professor Matsoukas has been ongoing since 1999," Melbourne-based medical researcher Vasso Apostolopoulos says, "Dr Matsoukas was interested in working on MS by using the same method I developed for cancer vaccination; something I have been working on for over 20 years. So the chemists have created a formula based on it."

Professor Apostolopoulos stresses that this new patent for MS is not a vaccine, but an immunotherapeutic method. "Vaccines are meant to prevent disease. This method basically stops it from progressing," she explains. “All the evidence we’ve had so far in animal models and pre-clinical studies have shown that it intercepts Multiple Sclerosis.”

As far as a time table for it to be made available, the funding has been secured, and it will be made available to patients as soon as the human testing study has completed.