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MS Assistive Device: HurryCane

December 10, 2015

MS Patients who find themselves needing assistance to walk should look no further than the Freedom Edition HurryCane. This is the number 1 selling cane across America and for good reason.

This cane has been redesigned from top to bottom to give you more support and confidence with every step. This cane is adjustable by height so that patients of all sizes can find the perfect height for them. The base of the cane has the ability to pivot easily and without making any noise.

The steadigrip base is very wide and has a rubber grip to provide the patient with the best traction available on the market, and has no problem tightly gripping any terrain. The same type of grip is installed on the handle as well.

For the patient who is always on the go, fold the cane up easily and tie it shut with the strap below the handle. This strap also acts as a wrist strap, giving the patient extra control of the cane.
Go to hurrycane.com to learn more and to purchase this item.