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Guided Imagery Intervention Offering MS Patients Respite from Depression and Fatigue

October 7, 2015

A study conducted at the University of California, San Diego to test how Multiple Sclerosis patients responded to healing light guided imagery intervention recorded a 76% decrease in depressed mood; a 28% decrease in fatigue; a 29.7% increase in physical quality of life; and a 12% increase in mental quality of life. The twelve patients who participated in the study received one session of HLGI per week for 10 straight weeks.
Healing Light Guided Imagery (HLGI) is an integrative therapy developed by MS patient Paula Marie Jackson. This therapy simulates a light self-hypnotic trance state and findings from a preliminary intervention suggest leads to improvements in quality of life, not to mention depression and fatigue.
Jackson is a certified hypnotherapist and shared how and why she developed HLGI, “In 1999, in just three weeks I had lost my vision, hearing, and walking and was soon diagnosed with MS. I spent 3 months almost completely bedridden. I had a lot of time to think lying in bed with severe fatigue and debilitating symptoms. I spent much of that time utilizing guided imagery and meditation to better understand these symptoms by diving deep into myself. I used my creative imagination and started guiding light into the body and communicating with the intelligence of the cells responsible for the disease. This produced a powerful transformation and in just two and a half months I had regained a lot of my energy. My sight, hearing, and ability to walk were also restored in time. I have since been fully mobile.”
A larger study regarding the matter is being discussed according to Dr. Revere Kinkel, “This open-label pilot suggested modest but potentially meaningful benefits that require confirmation with larger controlled studies prior to dissemination and adoption by other MS clinics.”

MS medical interventions in the United States can be very expensive and out of most patient’s price range, as they are all priced at over $50,000 per year. This new guided imagery intervention may prove to be the welcome respite MS sufferers have been looking for awhile. Any MS patient looking to receive HLGI can register at (http://guidedimagerypro.com) to receive 10 HLGI sessions at a rate of $150 per session.