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Improve Life At Home Post-Hospitalization with This Prototype

June 6, 2016

A prototype is being developed by researchers at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta that will address the needs of MS patients in their home environments. It is said to include “physical and cognitive parameters, daily routines, and homes of patients to better implement rehabilitation within the home environment.”

Transitioning from the hospital to a home environment can be extremely challenging, especially for those suffering from MS. There is a lot of information related to the patient’s home and routine that are required in order to help rehabilitation professionals develop practical treatments that can be adapted to the patients after they leave the hospital.

The prototype was developed in order to improve the challenges patients face once they are at home. A home assessment model was first presented which evaluated the cognitive and physical needs of the patient and his or her family. This addressed the efficiency of the person-centered treatment plan within their personal home environment.

It is believed by researchers that this home evaluation prototype will predict patient’s needs more efficiently and will allow for better adjustment of home therapy. Patients being treated in their own home environment also plays a very important role in rehabilitation. It allows patients to live relatively normal lives, not to mention it lessens the high costs of hospitalization. Researchers say that beginning the therapy as soon as the patients transition back to their homes it will allow them as well as their families to have more time to practice the at home techniques and modifications.