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Maintaining Intimacy with MS

September 25, 2015

It seems to make sense that most Multiple Sclerosis patients suffer a decline in sexual desire. Unfortunately, suffering from a chronic illness or disability does not diminish one’s needs. With MS, symptoms can occur that may present obstacles in your capacity for emotional relatedness and sexual intimacy.

Sexual arousal originates in the central nervous system, as the brain sends messages to the sexual organs along the nerve pathway in the spinal cord. MS-related changes to these nerve pathways can directly or indirectly impair sexual functioning.
Common symptoms would include:

  • Decreased sex drive
  • Altered Genital sensations
  • Inability to maintain erection
  • Decreased vaginal lubrication
  • Decreased vaginal muscle tone
  • Ejaculation difficulty
  • Problems having an orgasm
The key to maintaining intimacy with MS is to treat these obstacles as challenges rather than burdens. It is important to be up front with your loved ones about the issues you are having and find a way to work through them together. Confiding in your partner will bring you closer and if you both work to educate yourselves on the specific issue, there is always a way. Nothing is solved without experimenting.