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Leaky Gut Has Been Identified as a Possible Cause of MS

January 7, 2016

The notion that leaky gut syndrome is the possible cause of MS has begun to gain some steam. This syndrome results from increased permeability of the intestines’ lining, which allows germs and waste to squeak their way into the bloodstream.

While trying to attack the invaders, the immune system may struggle to differentiate the natural and foreign substances. This would cause it to attack itself and inflame the body.  A study performed on mice showed that structural changes of the gut occurred after they were inflicted with an MS-like disease. Inflamed T-cells appeared as well prior to any MS related symptoms.

However, this theory is still preliminary and has not been proven, highlighted by the fact that scientists say that instead of leaky gut causing MS, MS could be causing leaky gut. The Scientific American said that research has found that gut flora was altered in MS patients, along with an elevated amount of methanobrevibacteriaceae, which activate the immune system.

Earlier research has shown that probiotics (healthy bacteria in the gut) can help to prevent the development of MS to a certain extent. Though no official data has been compiled on the topic, some have suggested the Western diet may play a role as well. According to Scientific American, many immigrants from India, a country with low numbers who develop MS, become high-risk for developing the disease.