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Making a Living with MS

January 13, 2016

We all know about the symptoms of multiple sclerosis and the effect that they can have on somebody. However, the bills have got to be paid even though getting and holding onto a job can be difficult. Here are a few ways for MS patients to make ends meet:

Start Your Own Business: It is pretty easy to get hired when you are your own boss, right? Starting a business is obviously a great way to make money and at the same time work at your own pace. The key is to find reliable employees who will make your life easier and not harder. Working from home is an option in this scenario as well.

Ask for Accommodations: Speaking of working from home, that is one accommodation that one could ask for at a current job. Some jobs may not be so flexible, especially ones that can be physically demanding, but it does not hurt to ask. The key is to be honest and forthright about your disease and what you can and can’t do. If you are a key member of the team, they will help you be more comfortable.

Apply for Disability: It may take a while to come to this conclusion, but applying for disability benefits is definitely an option. Social Security disability insurance and Supplemental Security Income come with health insurance, which can be critical if you can’t work a full-time job. The programs are not always easy to qualify for, and you may want to get help from a counselor when applying.

Be Creative: There are so many other ways to make money here and there. For those who can drive, there is always Uber and other taxi/limo services. Getting involved in real estate or even simply renting a room will bring in some cash. Find some things around the house that you no longer need and flip them for cash on EBay.