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MAXOfit Ministepper Can Be Key to Wellness of MS Patients

January 4, 2017

As many MS patients know, it can be difficult to exercise, as many patients will find that their mobility fails and that they lack the energy required to complete a workout.

Using an exercise bike can be a good way to combat this, but not all bikes are created the same. They will work you out different ways and can be tough to climb onto.

Enter the MAXOfit Ministepper.

Many patients who rely on crutches or a walker to get around will struggle to workout standing upright, but the handle will give that patient support. This particular piece of equipment is small enough to keep around the house and not get in the way. This will eliminate those unwanted gym trips.

Any patient that suffers from limited mobility, but is still looking to strengthen their leg and buttock muscles could greatly benefit from this machine.