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An Update On Medical Marijuana Chewing Gum

February 10, 2016

Back in August you read that medical marijuana chewing gum was being developed. Now they are saying it could be available by prescription as early as next year. AXIM Biotechnologies Inc. is the company working on a cannabis-based chewing gum for treating symptoms of multiple sclerosis. The New York-based company says it has secured a major price reduction on cannabis through the Dutch government, with hopes that it will become available to patients soon.

The marijuana chewing gum called “MedChew Rx” hopes to rival Sativex spray developed by GW Pharmaceuticals Plc, which remains banned in the United States due to federal marijuana prohibition.

This gum uses a “precise, controlled release mechanism to the oral mucosal capillary circulation” and bypasses the liver. Their hopes are that it will provide a more “socially acceptable” method of cannabis-based treatment.

Reportedly, the marijuana chewing gum will also provide the patient with neuroprotective and neurostimulatory benefits from the actual chewing activity. Chewing reportedly promotes the generation of neurons (neurogenesis) and can help with stress reduction and loss of cognition. It will also cost less than the alternatives, the company boasted.

Not to mention, this route would obviously avoid respiratory irritations associated with marijuana use up to this point.