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Bobby Bajram Aims To Be the First MS Patient to Climb Everest

August 16, 2016

36 years ago Bobby Bajram became the youngest Australian to be diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, but this doesn’t keep him from taking on his ambitious goals. Already having hiked up two Himalayan mountains, he is also going to tackle Australia’s highest peak, Mt. Kosciuszko, this weekend. All in hopes to raise millions of dollars for his campaign to support those with disabilities as well as their caretakers. 

Bajram’s doctor has warned him about Everest, and that it could possibly be his last hike up any mountain. “I could die up there. The doctor has told me that. But I just want to give it my best shot.”

Last year Bajram had to be carried down from the 6400m Mera Peak in Napal, lost the use of his legs and went blind, but he is still determined to take on this quest. He adds that he definitely plans on coming back home alive. He said “Every knock-back has brought me closer to the top of Everest.”

The below-zero temperatures, icy vertical cliffs and wild weather during the climb is enough to put anyone’s life in danger. In fact, it has already taken seven lives this year.

Bajram said he spends most of his time actually in a wheelchair, and that his health “goes up and down like a yoyo”. While he will need to take special medication as he could be struck down at any given moment, he is on track to head to base camp in April along with a doctor, a nurse, a team of Sherpas and a camera crew that will be documenting his journey.

“This will be my chance to have a crack for people with disabilities and raise millions of dollars.” He also said he wanted to raise awareness about the plight of people with disabilities, particularly in poor countries where the services and support are often lacking.

He says “everyone has their own Everest to climb”, and in the end, they don’t actually have to climb the real thing. “If I can inspire people to jump in their wheelchair and go for a wheel around the block or do something they otherwise would not do, I’ve made my mark.”

Believe it or not, climbing Everest isn’t Bajram’s only ambitious goal. He also plans to descend to the lowest point on Earth, 32,000 feet below sea level in the same submarine that was used to find the Titanic. He is also negotiating for a seat on board Virgin Galactic’s first passenger flight into space.