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New Hope for PPMS Treatment; MS Patients Want a Cure, Not a Cause

July 5, 2016

Hearing work being done to find the causes of multiple sclerosis and new treatments for the disease are both interesting and important information for MS patients, but it isn’t what they really want or need. What patients want is a cure. They want to live a chronically-ill free life just as they were before they were diagnosed with the disease.

Some research found is only really beneficial to those who haven’t gotten MS yet, such as the study of the relationship between obesity and the development of MS.

In the even more unfortunate case of PPMS, patients are continuously discouraged when new therapies are discovered for various forms of MS, as there is no currently approved medication for PPMS.

Hope for PPMS

Primary progressive MS could have its first approved treatment. The FDA has given priority review to approve Ocrevus (ocrelizumab) as a treatment for these forms of multiple sclerosis and if the companies BLA (Biologics License Application) is approved, it will become the first drug available to treat those with either relapsing or primary progressive multiple sclerosis.

Since the review has been made priority the FDA’s decision will be determined in six months rather than the standard ten. The approval which would be released on December 28th means that the drug would be available for patients in the U.S. If approved in the United States, the drug will also soon be subject to review in Europe.