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New Year's Resolution for MS Patients: Cut out the Junk Food

January 5, 2017

Most people who hear that they are diagnosed with MS, will almost immediately begin to make an overhaul to their diet. They will go to the grocery store and purchase items to make well-balanced meals 3 times a day.

As time goes on a patient’s energy will drain and the temptation to show down on a bag of chips instead of cooking a full meal will show its face. Even for non-MS patients this is something everyone deals with. It is important to find a positive support system and maybe even a friend or two who enjoy eating healthy as well. Throwing different recipes around and complaining about missing chips with others can actually be great therapy!

Many of these “easy access” junk foods will contain sodium, which if taken in a certain amount, can increase activity in MS. Also, processed foods are another thing that can potentially cause problems to a patient down the road, due to the high levels of glucose, gluten, fatty acids, as well as sodium.

Much has been said about the paleo diet being the diet that MS patients should follow, due to the fact that it features a good amount of green vegetables, omega-3 fatty acids and organ meats. Organ meats contain a high amount of vitamins and minerals, which many patients have found beneficial.