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5 Ways to Deal With Noise Intolerance

September 22, 2015

It is a common thing for Multiple Sclerosis patients to become noise intolerant. Many of them just don’t realize it as they are saying “Shut Up!” repeatedly in their head in a crowded place. Unfortunately, life brings everyone into a loud or crowded place every so often. I have detailed a few coping strategies to help you out.

Take Noise Inventory
It is important to take time to realize what things are making noise around you. Sit down and focus on what noises are being made around you. Sometimes it is something easily fixable like a clock or an air conditioner. Walk around your house or workspace and really focus. You will see that a lot of these nuisances can be taken care of easily.

Know What Makes You Go Off
Everyone has the noises that they hate to hear, whether you have MS or not. Some people hate a certain type of music, a crowded public place, a sound that one of their appliances makes or even somebody’s voice. Make a note of it and avoid these things (or people) as often as you can, to preserve your peace and quiet.

Explain Your Problem to Others
People that you are with should know about your intolerance too. It may seem like a pain to tell them, but if they are really the type of person you want to be around, they will take precautionary measures to keep the noise level down when you’re together. Be nice about it, take the blame, and you should get a positive response. If not, as I said above, make a note of it.

Stay Focused
Everybody thinks that they can juggle multiple things, but MS patients can have an issue with that. Listening to Music, while watching a game, while eating and talking at the same time is something people do every week, but that can be a tall order for others. Create situations that will allow you to have only 1-2 type of auditory input at a time.

Accept It
Nobody wants to be the person that rains on everybody’s parade and turns the music off, or can’t go out to the club or bar. However, you have to accept that this is here for the duration. It is what it is. Put the effort in to make your life quieter and you will see yourself become sharper and happier, and in turn more pleasant to be around.