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MS Podcast: Stop Carrying the Weight of Your MS

November 1, 2016

Today we welcome Andrea Wildenthal Hanson to the show.  She is a speaker, bestselling author, and master certified life coach. Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2000, Andrea empowers people to become their own wellness hero, instead of the victim of a disease. Andrea combines her experience from five years of life coaching and 16+ years of living with MS to teach her audience how to create a customized approach to health that includes life balance, mindset tune-ups, and stress management so that they can feel in control of a life they love.

Andrea Hanson has two books:

  1. “Live Your Life, Not Your Diagnosis: How to Manage Stress and Live Well With Multiple Sclerosis” – written for people newly diagnosed with MS (Applicable to anything, though). It talks about the major ah-ha’s that she had in my own health care and how to manage stress- for good – because stress management is so important for MS. This is about the deep work you can do – thought work and mindset shifts – to get you to shed a huge layer of everyday stress.
  2.  “Stop Carrying the Weight of Your MS – The Art of Losing Weight, Healing Your Body, and Soothing Your MS”–  teaches the reader how to navigate the relatively new world of health-hacking and extreme diets to stay well. It shows them how to be their own “wellness hero” and find what works for them (we’re all different), and to stop being confused about conflicting advice on what to eat and how to live.

Beyond the Basics Health Academy can be heard on Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network.