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MS Assistive Device: Door Automation

May 2, 2016

The development of automatic door and windows is proving to be an efficient tool. It is improving the quality of life of people with MS, as well as that of their caretakers. They increase independence and decrease the need for help, as well as provide control, comfort, security and savings.

Door automation allows a standard hinged, sliding or pocket door to open automatically with use of a switch. Gentleman Door Automation has reinvented the business and is using an air systems to safely open doors, with use of a high quality stainless steel air pump. These quiet but efficient pumps make it possible for a door to open with the simple touch of a finger.

Gentleman Door Automation has also made a sliding window kit available. The Window Gentleman is the Sliding Gentleman kit designed to open a double hung, single hung, or sliding window. The operator is custom made for your window size. The kit consists of a custom pneumatic cylinder and a control system to sense an obstacle and relax pressure automatically while closing. The window functions as normal when used manually. In some cases a remote controlled locking device can be incorporated at an additional cost. There is no need to hire an electrician to install this type of window kit.