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Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes

October 21, 2016

As is customary, every Friday we will provide you with 3 easy to prepare MS friendly recipes to try this weekend.

Bacon Apple Smothered Pork Chops

Just brown some chops and cover ’em with a thick, savory layer of sautéed onions and gravy; you’ll have a satisfying meal in no time. But don’t mistake easy for bland. My flavor-first version of this southern dish will satisfy even the most ornery eater—guaranteed.


Healthy Ranch Dip

Enjoy the games this weekend with this healthy dip. Add spice to your liking and the dip should be ready in 5 minutes or less. http://healthelissa.com/recipe/healthy-ranch-dip/

Coco-Nutty Dark Bark

I love making Coco-Nutty Dark Bark because it’s drop-dead simple and infinitely customizable. To be honest, I feel embarrassed even calling this a recipe: all you do is melt the best dark chocolate you can find, and top it with your favorite add-ins.