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Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes

July 8, 2016

As is customary, every Friday we will provide you with 3 easy to prepare MS friendly recipes to try this weekend.

Red Cabbage Salad

This refreshing crisp salad is the perfect way to spice up any dish by using it as a side or a starter salad. Begin by thinly shredding red cabbage, tossing that in some fresh chives, dill, grated carrots and parsley. Whisk up some lemon juice and vinegar, add it to your cabbage mix and there you have it! You can find a more detailed version of this here.

Egg Roll in a Bowl

If you love egg rolls then this dish is perfect and super healthy, because let's face it, those deep fried rolls aren't exactly the healthiest. This healthier (and maybe even tastier) MS approved alternative calls for cabbage, onion, chopped carrots, ginger, garlic, ground chicken or pork, coconut aminos, coconut oil and sesame oil. After throwing these ingredients into a sizzling wok you can pair it with this homemade sweet and sour sauce!

Coconut Thai Iced Tea

Pairing perfectly with your Asian inspired egg roll in a bowl entrée, this Thai tea is great to enjoy with dinner or after as a sweet dessert. Perfect for warm summer nights, this healthy twist on Thai tea is a winner. You only need 5 ingredients; black tea, vanilla extract, a natural sweetener of your choosing and coconut milk! Learn how to make your own here!