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Multiple Sclerosis Friendly Recipes

November 23, 2016

As is customary, every Friday we will provide you with 3 easy to prepare MS friendly recipes to try this weekend. This installment will include MS friendly recipes to try this Thanksgiving!

Cranberry Sauce

Turkey is almost always served with a sugary cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving, but this sauce doesn’t have to contain that much sugar to be delicious. Of course, cranberries on their own are very tart, but in this recipe a cup of orange juice is added for a nice orange taste and to cut the tartness. No extra sugar needed. As an added bonus, this sauce is so easy to prepare, you could probably do it with your eyes closed.


Tender Baked Carrots

Orange vegetables are the bomb around Thanksgiving time. Sweet potatoes, yams, butternut squash, carrots, the choice is yours. Here is a simple yet delicious side of carrots that you’ll find tastes amazing in spite of the simplicity of the dish.


Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is the quintessential Thanksgiving dessert. Of course, the usual pumpkin pie is made with lots of sugar and a flour based crust, but nothing prevents us from making an even more delicious fresh nut crust with hazelnuts and pecans.

As for the sugar, well, here a compromise is made and the chosen sweetener is honey. While honey is natural and non-toxic, it’s still high in fructose, but the amount you’ll end up eating with your hot and delicious piece of pumpkin pie is really not such a big deal, especially in this time of feast when other, nastier, indulgences are always around the corner.