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Australian Researchers are Targeting Chronic Inflammation in MS Sufferers

March 15, 2016

Two doctors from an Australian University aim to help MS sufferers by reducing the side effects of the disorder. Dr Rakesh Veedu from Murdoch University's Centre for Comparative Genomics is working towards a new way of delivering MS medication that will treat inflammation in a more targeted way.

“This project will develop highly innovative chemically-modified DNA enzymes for target specific inhibition of cell receptors and deliver specifically to T-cells using chemically-modified agents for tackling inflammation in MS,” Dr Veedu said.

Drugs that are available have definitely lowered relapse rates and CNS inflammation, but there are still a number of side effects that come with that. Their goal is to give these patients the same relief while at the same time not subjecting them to side effects.

“This method will be a safer approach to deliver target specific therapy towards the treatment of MS,” he said.