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MS Assistive Device: Resyone

March 23, 2016

Panasonic has revolutionized nursing care, by creating what is being touted as the “greatest hospital bed in the world”.

The “Resyone” is a robotic device built on an entirely new concept which fuses an electric care bed with an electric reclining wheelchair. Part of the electric care bed detaches off to serve as the electric reclining wheelchair, thus allowing the user to easily transfer from bed to wheelchair without placing much burden on the care giver.

In fact, with Resyone around, only one care giver is required to support safe and simple transfer between bed and wheelchair. It obviously makes life easier for the patient as well, not needing the constant help to move from room to room.

Of the three categories of product covered by this standard -- physical assistant robots, mobile servant robots, and person carrier robots -- Resyone was assessed according to the criteria for mobile servant robots, and was the first product in the world to clear the necessary safety criteria for mechanism and operability in this category.

Having received this certification, based on the latest global standard by an independent certification institution, everything is now ready for users to adopt Resyone with safety and security. The related departments at Panasonic will now work closely together to accelerate the development of this business.