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Solar Powered Chair Allows Disabled Greeks to Swim

October 14, 2015

Greece is known for having amazing weather almost year-round, along with many amazing beaches to go to on a daily basis. Unfortunately many disabled Greeks were unable to take a dip in the sea without friends to help them. A group of Greek engineers wanted to help these beach-goers experience the sea, so they developed the “Seatrac”.

As mentioned before, the country of Greece is graced with year-round sun, so the Seatrac chair is powered by solar energy. The user is able to hoist themselves up into the chair and proceed down a track and into the water. It was a rebirth for many disabled Greeks who haven’t been able to swim alone in 25+ years.

While the Seatrac is obviously in demand anywhere, there are only 11 operating, all in Greece. This is because the disabled people are not getting the support they need from the local authorities.

Reuters reports that at a beach in Alepochori, a local man had to build a ramp reaching from the street to the Seatrac to pave a path for wheelchairs, because the local municipality does not provide proper infrastructure for people with disabilities.

This invention is a year old at this point, but it shouldn’t take too long for an advancement such as this to catch on in other places. If you want to see the Seatrac in action, click here.