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Fighting MS With the Use of Smartwatches

March 11, 2016

A researcher’s goal of using smartwatches to combat the effects of MS has taken a big step towards fruition. Dr. Hannah Gullo of the University of Queensland will travel to the US on $8,000 grant to try and make this happen.

“I’m conducting a trial to evaluate the application of compensatory memory techniques using smartwatch technology,” Dr Gullo said. Smartwatches make it easier than ever to implement strategies to manage problems like forgetfulness. “It’s as simple as saying: ‘Remind me to buy milk at 5pm’. “There’s no need to find a pen or even pull out your phone.”

She will spend four weeks at the Kessler Foundation in New Jersey, which is renowned for rehabilitation research in multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, brain injury and stroke. She plans to make the trip in November 2016 and analyse preliminary data fro her pilot study MINDfit for MS.

“I’m extremely thankful to MS Research Australia for the travel award plus the seeding grant from the UQ Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences to make this possible,” Dr Gullo said.