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Many MS Patients Are Not Engaging With Specialist Services

February 17, 2016

A recent survey has raised concerns about the lack of communication between patients with MS and specialist services. This survey reported that 93% of healthcare professionals believe that many patients are missing out on all that special services can offer them, such as:



  • Access to new medicines
  • Symptom control
  • Holistic services that can be offered by the MS team

A new campaign has been formed to combat this, called “1MSg”. The campaign aims to highlight the benefits of regular and quality engagement with MS-specialists in order to ensure people are making informed decisions about their disease-management based on the latest information. The one message at the heart of the campaign is: “Take Control, Know Your Choices”.

As many already know, MS is a disease that thrives on progression. Progression of MS can lead to the development, or increased severity, of a number of symptoms and, in severe cases, patients can develop disabilities including speech difficulties and cognitive problems such as difficulty with thinking and memory.
The key to stopping MS has proven to be early intervention. This can slow down irreversible damage, reduce relapses and improve overall health and quality of life.