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Why Vitamin B12 is Important to MS Patients

October 14, 2015

Many people who are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis decide to make drastic changes to their diet. This obviously means trying to eat healthier and maybe even becoming a vegetarian. The foods with the highest amount of B12 include shellfish, liver, red meat, cheese fish and eggs.

On top of that, the body of an MS patient does not properly process and transport vitamin B12, making it difficult to maintain a normal level. Judging by these facts, it isn’t hard to figure out that vitamin B12 deficiency is higher in MS patients. B12 deficiency causes an accelerated destruction of the myelin and underlying axon, and in turn worsens MS symptoms.

A patient found to be deficient in vitamin B12 should proceed to take oral and/or intramuscular treatment to keep the level where it should. Obviously too much protein can also be bad, but it is important to keep B12 in your diet.

The best bet for any MS patient is to eat a lot of fish, it has the right kinds of fats in it, while also containing very high levels of B12. Studies have shown that MS patients who frequently eat fish have benefitted from lower relapse rates and overall disease activity. Bran is also a good source of B12, which is a great breakfast option.