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What Exactly Is Brain Fog?

February 3, 2016

Guest Blog By: Multiple Sclerosis Talk

For many conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia patients often reported what may refer to as “brain fog”.

However this symptom, according to my research participants, was ignored or unmentioned by the medical profession.  The purpose of this discussion blog is to allow our readers to share in more detail their experiences of brain fog and its impact on their lives and their loved ones.

So what actually is brain fog?

There seems to be no clear clinical definition, but a good description might be clouding of consciousness.  A term which was originated in the nineteenth century to describe low level cognitive impairment in different kinds of patients.

Typical symptoms of brain fog include:

a)      Poor memory function.

b)      Difficulty in concentrating.

c)       Problems with learning new things.

d)      Inability to find/remember the word you are “looking for”.

How can you help?  Simple really! It would be great if you would tweet and share your brain fog story to other MS patients. Anything you have to say will be of enormous value. You may wish to consider answering the following questions:

1)      What are the main symptoms of your brain fog?

2)      What do you think is the underlying cause of your brain fog?

3)      Please can you describe the impact of brain fog upon your lifestyle?

4)      How do you deal with brain fog?  What if any treatments do you use?  Have they had any success?

5)      Can you suggest any useful online resources for people with brain fog?

6)      Why do you think little attention is paid to brain fog by healthcare professionals?  If, on the other hand you feel that it is well covered by your medical support please tell us a bit more.