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Wheelchair Accessible Driving

January 5, 2016

Many people with MS have been forced to use a wheelchair to get around. This unfortunately can eliminate some feeling of independence for the patient, having to rely on the help of others to get around. Luckily technology has advanced so much, to the point where wheelchair-bound patients are able to enter, exit and drive a personalized vehicle themselves.

While mini-vans are the most popular and easiest to customize, a company called Braun Ability has also come up with another popular option. They have developed the Ford Explorer MXV, allowing MS patients that are partial to SUV’s to continue to drive one.

The MXV has many options available including:

  • Removable Seats (including driver/passenger)
  • Front Wheel Drive
  • Regular Tie Downs
  • Customizable Steering Power (High or Low Power)
  • Low Effort Brakes
  • Hand Controls
  • Customizable Pedals
  • Power Override Ramp and Kneel

The vehicle is extremely easy to get into and out of. The MXV lowers approximately 2 inches in order to make the entry ramp less steep. Obviously, it will not make too much of a difference for a patient with a power wheelchair, but makes a world of difference for a patient being attended or one using a non-power chair. In fact, when the vehicle is parked along the curb the ramp should lay at a 180 degree angle.

To learn more information specifically about the Ford explorer MXV visit Braun’s website here. To learn more about acquiring or customizing a wheelchair accessible vehicle click here.