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Zumba Fitness and MS

June 28, 2016

As said by the Lorain County multiple sclerosis patients, the disease may slow you down, but you can’t let it keep you from moving!

The Lorain County MS support group held their own Zumba class in place of a regular support group meeting, they all met at Anytime Fitness for a session of exercising and dancing. Since Zumba is extremely customizable, it was able to be done with those that have different kinds of disabilities. Participants of Zumba are able to work out and move to their desired intensity level.

Zumba alone has many health benefits, it is a spectacular idea for MS patients to engage in this full-body workout in which they can enjoy all while helping their bodies. Patients can build better endurance and improve their cardiovascular fitness and blood pressure through these Latin-inspired dance moves.

Mary Ann Francis, Zumba fitness instructor, explained that she had seen a study that rated Zumba as the best exercise for MS patients. The rhythmic motions and hand-eye coordination which is required by the dancing really benefits those with MS. She emphasized to the patients that the activity was not about a competition and that there would be no judging whatsoever, the exercise was supposed to focus the patients on themselves.

Teresa Sabo, the support group coordinator said the group will make these Zumba classes a regular occurrence due to the successful outcome. Another very important aspect of Zumba is that it’s a very social group activity which is important in case of MS patients. This also makes it perfect for support groups. It is important to remain social with MS and immerse yourself into a socially fun environment. After all, it’s supposed to be fun and helpful!