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Employee Testimonials

" I feel part of a team that encourages my independence to get the job done to the best of my ability and appreciates my input."
Kathryn Parlavecchio, RN

" I am proud to be a member of that team that cares about patients and provides excellent pump infusion therapy."
Linda Holley, RN

" I feel the # 1 quality of Basic Home Infusion is the staff members. As a remote employee out in the field, and often in the middle of nowhere, I think being able to rely on dependable staff is of the utmost importance. We really do have a wonderful company, and I think that is why I love this job so much. Of course I adore my patients and the wonderful relationships I have developed with them, but I really don't think this job would be less possible without such a strong support staff."
Kerry Bloodworth, RN, BSN

" I love my job."
Allison Carter, RN, BSN

" From my perspective as a nurse, the time allowed per patient is an amazing quality."
Kay Boyd, RN

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