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New Jersey Home Health Patient’s Rights

Patient Rights
Home care consumers have a right to be notified in writing of their rights and obligations before treatment is begun. The patient’s family or guardian may exercise the patient’s rights when the patient has been judged incompetent. Home care providers have an obligation to protect and promote the rights of their patients.

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Personal Rights and Freedoms
You have the right:
  • To be treated with dignity, courtesy, consideration, and respect for your person and property
  • To auditory and visual privacy in all your care, treatment, communications, and daily activity
  • To be free from restraints unless prescribed by your physician for a limited period of time to protect you or others from injury
  • To be free from mental and physical abuse, and from exploitation
  • To expect treatment and service without discrimination based on race, age, religion, national origin, sex, sexual preference, handicap, diagnosis, ability to pay, or source of payment
  • To exercise all your constitutional, civil, and legal rights, including religious liberties, the right to independent personal decisions, and the right to give advance instruction for your health care in the even you later become unable to make decisions for yourself
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General Information
You have the right to be informed in writing:
  • Of the services available from the agency
  • Of the names and professional status of personnel providing and/or responsible for your care
  • Of the agency’s daytime and emergency phone number 1-888-822-7428
You have the right:
  • To be fully informed, before care begins, of the agency’s ownership and control, as well as the relationships that may bring financial benefit to the agency if you are referred to other organizations, services, or individuals
  • To receive, as soon as possible, the services of a translator or interpreter to help you communicate with health care personnel. In addition, assistance to obtain a special device or other communication aid can be provided
  • To be given information about liability insurance designed to cover provider practices
  • To access professional on-call staff 24 hour a day, 7 days a week
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Participation in Planning Care and Treatment
Before care beings, and throughout the course of your care, you have the right:
  • To a clear explanation of your care plan
  • To participate in the planning of your care and treatment and any changes in your care plan
  • To be informed in writing of the disciplines that will furnish your care, and the proposed frequency of their visits
  • To be given a clear explanation of the expected results and reasonable alternatives for care
  • To receive the care as ordered in a continuous, consistent, and timely manner
  • To guidance for continuing care when services are no longer necessary
If your physician determines that this information would be detrimental to your health or beyond your ability to understand, the explanation will be given to your next of kin or guardian.   You may refuse services, including medication and treatment provided by the agency and you will be informed of available home health treatment options, including the option of no treatment, and if possible the benefits and risks of each option.   You may refuse to participate in experimental research. If you choose to participate, your written, voluntary informed consent will be obtained. The experimental treatment will be provided only after it has been fully explained in a way that you can understand.   You are entitled to discharge yourself from treatment by this agency and have the right to be referred to another agency if you are not satisfied with our services.   If this agency cannot meet your needs, you have the right to be told, in advance, of your transfer and when and why care will be stopped.

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You have the right:
  • To have your medical record and all information about yourself, your care, and the services you receive from the agency kept confidential
  • To confidentiality concerning your treatment and disclosures
Information in your records will not be released to anyone outside the agency without your written approval, unless it is required by law or by third party contract.

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Financial Information
You have the right:
  • To be told orally and in writing (before your care starts) about the agency’s fees and charges, whether they are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, health insurance or other sources, and any fees and charges that you may have to pay for services or care not covered by those payment sources
  • To be told orally and in writing of any changes in the financial and payment information you were given as soon as the agency is aware of the change (no later than 30 calendar days from the date that the agency became aware of the change)
  • To be told full information about the agency’s billing policies, procedures, and referrals systems for financial assistance, and to be given a copy of financial arrangements related to your care
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Questions and Concerns
You have the right:
  • To receive a clear explanation of how to voice your grievances, and what process the agency will use to resolve your concerns
  • To voice grievances and ethical concerns about your care and treatment to recommend changes in policies and services without fear of discrimination or reprisal for having done so
  • To voice grievances about lack of respect for property
  • To join with others to work for improvements in patient care
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Patient/Responsible Person’s Duties and Responsibilities:
When you participate in services from Basic Home Infusion, you, your family or designated responsible persons involved in your care agrees to:
  • Provide all Basic Home Infusion staff or their designees’ entrance into your home
  • Treat Basic Home Infusion staff in a respectable and courteous manner
  • Have the patient seen as needed by his/her physician and notify the Basic Home Infusion staff of any changes in condition
  • Provide a safe environment in which Basic Home Infusion staff can render services
  • Participate in development of the plan of treatment
  • Cooperate in adhering to the developed plan of treatment
  • Provide Basic Home Infusion staff with information regarding past and present health status
  • Cooperate with Basic Home Infusion’s primary nurse in the completion of the physical assessment
  • Cooperate with all supportive therapists and other Basic Home Infusion caregivers
  • Report to Basic Home Infusion any physical, psychological changes that would affect the delivery of services
  • Provide Basic Home Infusion with information regarding financial status that may affect the provision of health
  • Be available at home for scheduled visits or contact Basic Home Infusion in advance when you will not be available for scheduled appointment
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For questions regarding your care or to register a complaint, you may call: Basic Home Infusion 24-HOUR NUMBER 888-822-7428 Filing of complaints may be done with the New Jersey State Department of Health
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