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Aquatic Exercise and Therapy For MS Patients

August 13, 2015

Improving your health as a multiple sclerosis patient does not solely involve medications and therapies—you can help your body and improve your quality of living by doing a few other things as well. This includes maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise, although it is understandable that not everyone is able to exercise in their preferred traditional ways.

This is where aquatic exercises come in. Whether your body is fully functional or you are wheelchair bound, depending on your situation, it is fairly easily accessible for patients to be able to partake in some kind of aquatic activity. Aquatic exercise and aquatic therapy are both easily adaptable for those in all different stages of their MS and offers a variety of different levels of activity.

The best part about the activity is that you do not even have to know how to swim, you can just allow your muscles and body relax while improving your motion and flexibility as well as reducing your pain. This is most common with aquatic therapy, which is only available to be facilitated by a physical or occupational therapist that are knowledgeable of your needs.

Those that lead the aquatic exercise classes are the aquatic specialists. These classes range anywhere from gentle and slow-moving classes, moderate cardio/strength training, or even a high-level aerobic workout.

Besides the benefits of regular physical activity for MS patients, aquatic exercise is effective for a variety of areas in need of improvement. The activity can improve flexibility, range of motion, cardiovascular endurance, levels of fatigue, muscle strength and muscle building, mobility functioning levels, gait and balance (as well as one’s quality of life and psychological well-being). 


Before taking part in these aquatic exercises and therapies it is of course highly recommended that patients do speak with their physicians first. It is always best to make sure you are cleared and able to take part in the particular activities and to receive some recommended exercises for your particular MS case. 

Aquatic Exercise and Therapy For MS Patients - Thu August 13, 2015 12:42 PM