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Tips for Getting Rid of Brain Fog

July 24th, 2015


Brain Fog is an extremely common symptom that shows up in many multiple sclerosis patients. While not exactly a medically recognized term, brain fog is the overwhelming sense of forgetfulness, confusion, and lack of focus and clarity. The sensation gives those experiencing it a hard time to process their thinking as they normally would. Brain fog might get very frustrating, but you can practice a few of these things to try and work your way around it.

  • Talk to your doctor

While normally this ‘brain fog’ has no serious effect on your everyday life, what you are experiencing could also be something else which could be potentially serious. Things like different medications could be messing with your thought process as well, therefore it is important to see what’s going on by speaking with your doctor.

  • Stay organized

Staying organized is a good idea for anyone, but it is especially important to keep your things orderly when experiencing the forgetfulness brain fog brings to you from time to time. Don’t rely on your memory if it has been playing tricks on you.

  • Keep a calendar

Keeping a calendar with not only your information, but your family’s as well, could be extremely helpful. If you have kids this is also great for keeping track of their schedules. Birthdays too--nothing is worse than forgetting to call one of your loved ones on their special day.

  •  Utilize your smartphone

There are plenty of apps you can utilize on your smartphone, like interactive calendars to schedule tasks and appointments if you find it to be more useful than a physical wall-hanging calendar. Most of the time these apps also have built in timers for you to set for yourself. There is also an iOS Clock app with an installed timer that can be used when doing something like cooking a meal.

  •  Complete tasks in order

Completing tasks in a specific order can help you tremendously. This can enable you to remember the most important tasks you have to take care of so you can complete those first. This can also aid you in keeping your productivity up to par throughout the day just in case you end up receiving some unwanted brain fog. 

Tips For Getting Rid Of Brain Fog - Fri July 24, 2015 3:15 PM