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Early Warning Signs of MS

July 27, 2015


It’s hard to self-diagnose a disease in any case without seeing a doctor first, but there are ways that your body could be hinting that you should see a physician sooner rather than later.

With multiple sclerosis, symptoms tend to vary between individuals. Sometimes one will experience a symptom and then months later they will experience one completely different. This makes your self-diagnoses, as well as a physician’s diagnoses, difficult to confirm.

Early warnings range anywhere from vision changes to strange feeling sensations. It is common for the first signs of MS to involve vision complications. This includes blurred vision, experiencing pain that coincides with eye movements, and colors appearing to be more dull than usual. These symptoms are not known to last for an extensive period of time, but you should be in contact with a doctor immediately if these are being experienced.   

As for strange sensations one might experience like I mentioned previously, they include a variety of unusual feelings. These sensations include experiencing electric-shock-like feelings when moving around the head or neck, which would then leave this electric feeling to travel down towards your spine, arms or legs. Some other sensations include feelings of tightness or swelling, tingling, severe itching, and numbness in areas such as the face.

Fatigue is an extremely common symptom of MS. If you are feeling an overwhelming amount of exhaustion, anything more than the usual tired feeling you endure through rough Monday mornings, this could be a concerning sign. This involves experiencing the symptom even after waking up in the morning and feeling tired from doing absolutely nothing.

If those sensations aren’t enough to send you running for your doctor’s diagnosis, experiencing difficulties walking would be very concerning. Unfortunately, MS leads to conditions that impair mobility which includes experiencing trouble walking and keeping your balance less than usual.

Other symptoms which could be early warning signs of MS include conditions like depression, bladder and bowel problems, vertigo, trouble clearly thinking and feelings of pain.


It is always best to see a doctor when experiencing any of these symptoms because what he or she says has the potential to assist you in either confirming or denying any serious illnesses you may have. It is always better to be safe when it comes to your health or when concerned about any complications you are experiencing. 

Early Warning Signs of MS - Mon July 27, 2015 12:50 PM