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Making Your Home Suitable for MS

August 10, 2015


Living with a chronic illness changes a variety of aspects about your everyday life, especially the way you live at home.

You should begin by making a few changes within your habitual routine. This will probably include the way you dress, use the bathroom and work around the kitchen. Your occupational therapist or rehab specialist will be most helpful for your individual needs in these specific areas, but here are some basic suggestions to get you started.

When getting dressed it’s best to rest your body in certain ways like supporting yourself by using arm rests, sitting down on a chair or lying on your bed and rolling your body into your clothing. Clothing that is loose-fitting and can easily be put on are great wardrobe investments, this means items that open in the front and have zippers or Velcro closures. This goes for footwear as well.

The bathroom can be an even trickier place, here it would be wise to have an elevated toilet seat with safety rails and/or grab bars installed to make it easier for you to get up and stand. Handheld hoses, long-handled sponges and things like soap-on-a-rope are also extremely useful when showering and bathing. Make sure to also use nonskid mats inside and outside the tub to avoid the chance of slipping.

In the kitchen it is best to have helpful smaller appliances like jar openers for tightly sealed containers, food processors for chopping, spike boards for peeling and chopping fruits and veggies. Having your kitchen workspace lower down so you can reach it when seated and placing utensils, pots and pans on an accessible cupboard instead of way up high or low are also useful things to keep in mind.


As for your home equipment, some devices that can potentially make your way of living less complicated are grab bars, "reacher" devices, electric mattresses, sliding doors and wheelchairs. After speaking with an occupational therapist or rehab specialist, they can observe your home and recommend the correct equipment for your lifestyle.

Making Your Home Suitable for MS - Mon August 10, 2015 12:48 PM