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Keeping Cool With MS

August 10, 2015

Multiple sclerosis and the heat do not mix well. As most MS patients will tell you, symptoms of MS tend to worsen when your body is overheated.

While some MS patients do not experience any problems, sometimes the heat can take it to the extreme by causing weakness, confusion and even fainting. There are many precautions one can take when trying to stay cool.

Internal vs. External

Internal heat would be in regards to your body temperature, which can rise by infection and result in a fever. Some medicines used to treat MS can also cause your temperature to rise which also result in fevers and flu-like symptoms.

External heat sources like hot and humid weather are another cause of increased MS symptoms. This may intensify your MS symptoms and make you feel weak, tingly, numb and cause your vision to blur.

Preventing worsened symptoms

For internal heat, it would be best to see your physician for treatment or to take other medicines such as ibuprofen to lower your body temperature.

As for external heat, there are many things one can do to stay cool. The best place to start is to get inside where the AC is and maybe make your way indoors for a nice cool shower. Alternatively, find somewhere shady to rest and always stay hydrated with plenty of cool fluids. Place a damp towel around the back of your neck or wear a cooling collar or a vest, and within a couple of hours of rest you should start feeling better.

Wear light, loose clothing and maybe a hat when you do go outside. If you prefer exercising outdoors, make sure to go for walks or take on your exercises either earlier in the day or later on in the day. These are the coolest times throughout the day for you to be outside while remaining unharmed by the heat.



Keeping Cool With MS - Mon August 10, 2015 2:44 PM