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Barrel Racing Breakthrough with MS

August 17, 2015


Imagine being told you had to drop everything you love because of you had been diagnosed with a chronic illness. It is unfortunate because many must go through this devastating process, but Laura Kimbel refused to back down from barrel racing.

Since a young age Kimbel had been barrel racing, she’s had her Palomino Nernie for 18 years and continues to call him her “partner in crime”. Almost two decades, ago she was diagnosed with relapsing multiple sclerosis, almost causing her to lose her partner in crime as well as her passion for the sport.

Kimbel explained that one day her MS had interfered with the activity she adored—her legs had gone numb during a race, one she completed by concentrating on just staying on her horse. “It was like I forgot how to ride,” she said when looking back on the incident.

Post-incident and at the age of 25—Kimbel’s doctor suggested she go home, quit her job and sell her horses. He also explained to her that it would be highly unlikely for her to be able to ever compete again.

Kimbel refused to give this all up.

She explained that she couldn’t give up on her horse, her competing—this was her one true passion. She pushed through painful days and focused on her physical therapy, which led her to continue to do what she loves, as she is still competing at a high level today.


 “Don’t let MS take that from you,” She advised in regards to those who feel they might have to give up on their dreams or their lives because of the disease. 

MS Patient Refuses To Quit Barrel Racing - Mon August 17, 2015 1:49 PM