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Brain Games Can Boost MS Memory

July 29, 2015

Problem solving skills, short-term memory, attention problems, visual perception and mental flexibility are all common cognitively impaired issues with MS patients. There is a 50 percent chance that an MS patient will struggle with memory issues at some point. Even if you are not experiencing any complications with your cognition at the moment, it is very important for you to exercise your mind to stay healthy.

If you don’t find these great games helpful or enticing, speak with your MS doctor about any mind-stimulating games you can play.


Cognifit.com features games and downloadable apps to work on improving these issues that you may be experiencing. On the site, they are described as “exciting brain fitness training programs that are specifically designed to train cognitive skills such as your memory and concentration.”

Big Brain Academy

If you consider yourself a gamer, or would rather just play some video games to freshen up your cognitive abilities, Big Brain Academy would be the perfect option for you. This is available to use on Nintendo Wii and DSi and it includes activities that target not only memory, but attention, visual perceptual skills and processing speed.

Jigsaw Puzzles

If you want to steer away from the tech-world when trying to improve your memory, this is a great challenge to take on for your brain. Grab a pretty looking puzzle and get to work, because taking part in this activity is great for your visual-perception. This is also a nice way of keeping track of your processing speed by using a timer and keeping track of your times and in the end comparing your timely puzzle-sessions.

Crossword Puzzles

Sitting around on a Sunday morning with the newspaper and a nice mug of tea in hand is a great and relaxing way to kick your memory into shape. With added language being used in these puzzles, they are extremely beneficial in patients that experience difficulties with word retrieval. Besides that added component, they assist in improving sequencing, mental flexibility, problem solving and reasoning. 

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