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Expected Clinical Studies for Cannabinoid Capsules for MS

September 1st, 2015

Relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS) is the most common form of MS and is characterized by relapses which are then followed by their remissions. Cannabinoid-based therapies seem to show some real promise for controlling relapses in those suffering from the disease.

The drug development company, MMJ PhytoTech, is working on cannabinoid-based therapies and plan to initiate clinical studies later this year. The therapy is a new capsule formulation derived from cannabis and safety-oriented clinical studies have already been approved by various ethics committees and public health organizations.

The company has most definitely been trying to offer the most user-friendly products for patients. This new capsule offers many advantages over smoke-able cannabinoid formulas, as oral administration is more controllable for users. It has also been shared that the company has confidence that these capsules can withstand room-temperature storage for extended amounts of time which will eliminate the need for refrigeration and lower shipping costs.

Ultimately, the company is confident that as well as high patient compliance, the advantages of the capsule will allow for a low cost cannabinoid alternative. With expectance to have a low frequency and side effect, the company looks forward to conducting Phase 2 clinical studies in order to investigate the efficiency and dosage for MS patients. Following these studies will be the Phase 3 clinical trials, where efficiency, effectiveness and safety of the drug will be assessed in around 1,000 MS patients.


The main objective of the research being conducted here is for enhancement of highly effective cannabinoid extracts and their availability as well as most importantly, tremendously aiding those with MS.