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Live Better With MS by Improving Your Diet

July 27, 2015


A McDonald’s double cheeseburger might be an easy and tempting choice when you’re in a hurry or very hungry, however, endulging fast food is not good for anyone’s body. When living with multiple sclerosis, it is especially not good for your body.

As your immune system differs from everyone else’s you have to make sure you are giving your body all the healthy foods it needs. By eating healthier foods you can also avoid any other diseases that are known to worsen MS, such as diabetes and heart disease.

Black beans are a great source of fiber that can be added to better your diet, so that means you can still indulge in burritos. Though if you are getting burritos, make sure you substitute the white rice for brown rice and make the wrap a whole wheat one, as whole grains are important for your dietary consumption. Then, as always, you must load up on your fruits and veggies and pick up the low-fat dairy products at the supermarket.

Don’t think about this as a strict diet or anything of the sort, but a way of altering your lifestyle and food choices for the better. You can without a doubt still incorporate your favorite foods that might not be exactly part of your everyday ‘health-food’ list.

Making your diet a healthier one will make you feel your best and improve aspects of your life, such as the overwhelming fatigue you may be experiencing. The healthier choices you make will keep your body at a healthy weight, also giving you the opportunity to improve your mobility.

It is also possible that modifying your diet can possibly improve MS attacks by cutting down the length of them and decreasing their severity. Making sure you do not skip meals is also very important. After all, the reasoning for bettering your diet is not to eat less food, just to eat less of those that are harmful to your body.


Live Better With MS by Improving Your Diet - Mon July 27, 2015 11:10 AM