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Tips for Newly Diagnosed MS Patients

September 10, 2015

Being diagnosed with a chronic illness like multiple sclerosis is complex and frightening, so there are a few things that can help you prepare and get started on this journey.

Educate yourself on the disease

Whether you don’t know anything about the disease or you know a few general facts, it is best to do all of the research you possibly can. After all, you are living with this disease and it is part of you now. It’s extremely important to take any of the myths or misconceptions you may have heard about MS out of your mind. Learn the ins and outs of why and how it’s caused, its symptoms and treatments. If you want additional information it is also a good idea to ask your doctor, he or she would be able to provide you with the latest facts and news.

Don’t delay your treatments

Once diagnosed with MS, you should begin treatment as soon as possible, since the main goal of the disease’s treatment is to get your symptoms under control and improve your quality of life. Know that MS currently has no cure, but the current FDA-approved medications that are available have been shown to slow down the progression of the disease and subside symptoms.  

Keep your options open

There are many alternative tools you can use to make your way of living a little easier that don’t rely solely on medications. This is known as complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) which includes acupuncture, guided imagery, meditation, massage, yoga, tai chi and dietary supplements. These work best for symptoms such as fatigue, pain relief and stress. There are many MS patients that turn to these forms of medicine in order to relieve their symptoms.

Stay hopeful

Although there is no cure for MS, that doesn’t go to say that one won’t be found in the future. New treatments and advances in research have potential to find ways to relieve symptoms in a more efficient way. Scientists are trying their hardest to find a cure and there are countless new MS treatments underway.

Tips for Newly Diagnosed MS Patients - Thu September 10, 2015 12:10 PM