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How MS Patients Can Benefit From Physical Activity

July 20th 2015

Whether it’s going for an early morning walk or an evening yoga class, physical activity can throw some great benefits your way when living with Multiple Sclerosis.

While encountering symptoms such as fatigue, muscle spasms, and immense cognitive changes, exercise might be the last thing on your to do list. However it’s a good idea to start penciling it in to your daily schedule. Studies have shown that physical exercise can most definitely improve your way of living and allow you to cope in a better way when living with the chronic illness. While some studies have also shown that  physical activity and training does not make a large difference physically for patients, the routine can benefit your well-being in a variety of ways.

Most favorable changes have been seen cognitively. Due to the heightened blood flow that mediates functions dealing with cognition, the increased activity from your body immensely assists brain functioning, as well as the constant fatigue you may be feeling. 

While physical inactivity has the potential to result in a declined health status, regular exercise does show improvement in MS patients. It allows you to increase muscle strength and improve other physical abilities such as walking. Along with alleviating symptoms as well as the physical and mental benefits, there has also been elevated social functioning skills and emotional well-being seen in patients after partaking in physical training tactics.   

Revamp your routine by getting a little more active day by day and personalizing a workout schedule that works best for you. The exercises you take part in should range in whatever you feel comfortable with your body doing. These can be anywhere from short walks, yoga, cycling, or working on your upper body strength and practicing with weights suitable for your condition. It’s remarkable how a few simple exercises can boost the quality of your everyday life.