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4 Great Ways to Relax When Living with MS
July 22, 2015

Stress is known to worsen multiple sclerosis (MS), so it’s a good idea to find a solution for those ongoing stressful days. There are many simple and rejuvenating tips one can use to distress, whether you only have fifteen minutes to spare or the whole day, it’s a good idea to practice a few of these tactics.


  •    Get a massage

While living with MS, a massage can benefit you in more ways than just sitting back and relaxing. By seeing a massage therapist and letting your mind wander, you can do both your mind and body a favor. They can also help increase flexibility which is especially helpful for improving your mobility and decreasing muscle stiffness.

Pain reduction is the greatest advantage of all, which of course reduces your overall stress and allows for some much needed relaxation time. Though sometimes it is best to speak with your doctor before doing so just to be safe, especially if you are a patient with bone-thinning osteoporosis where a massage may not be best for you.

  •     Try to get a good night’s sleep

While still fresh to the idea of massage, consider it once more maybe later on in the day or in the evening in order for it to allow you an amazing night’s sleep. Massages have been linked to create a deeper sleep and deeper slumber calls for less pain. 

Though it is understandable that it is hard to regularly get a lengthy restful night, as sleeping disorders are common when it comes to MS. The overall benefit for sleep on MS patients most definitely relies upon the less pain you would be dealing with. It can reduce stress and increase your relaxation time significantly.

  •     Do gentle and restorative yoga

Gentle and restorative yoga is great for beginners and yoga enthusiasts of all kinds, and it is most definitely perfect for relaxing. While your body is partaking in the physical activity it needs to feel great, your mind can also relax and be at peace with you on your mat.

Since deep breathing is the focal point of restorative yoga, it is excellent for MS patients. However, when pursuing different yoga classes, it is key to stick to more traditional types of yoga classes and steer away from trend classes such as hot yoga, as the high heat can be dangerous for MS patients.  There are many great other relaxation exercises that can be done for mental relaxation as well.

  •    Enjoy Yourself ----have fun

Sometimes the best way to relax is just to enjoy yourself--whether that means going out with your friends and having a good time or having a nice night in eating ice cream and watching Netflix. The choice is of course ultimately up to you, but the most essential thing to focus on here is to enter your comfort zone and enjoy your free time. 

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