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51-Year-Old MS Patient Acts as Daughter’s Surrogate

September 1st, 2015

While more recently pregnancy has been found to be extremely beneficial for women with multiple sclerosis, Sherri Dickson, a 51-year-old woman in North Dakota, put it to the test.

Dickson isn’t just any regular woman with MS to be expecting, she actually gave birth to her own grandchild. It came to be an amazing thing in more ways than she had initially planned for, which was solely to give her daughter a child.

She said she had experienced great sadness when her daughter, Mandy Stephens, lost a baby that was born prematurely back in 2013. When her daughter Mandy and her husband Jamie discussed the option of IVF treatment, Dickson was more than willing to volunteer as their surrogate.

Dickson, suffering from MS, was told by doctors that the natural boost for the immune that comes with pregnancy might help her fight of the debilitating disease. While she was currently in remission, the duration of the pregnancy remained the same. Ms. Dickson said the pregnancy was easy and she was able to stay active right until the week before she delivered.

Although she does state that the delivery itself was definitely much harder at age 51 in comparison to the last child she delivered at 33. While her lovely grandchild was born just four weeks ago, Dickson does say it is an indescribable feeling.