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Video Games Might Improve Your MS Symptoms

August 14th, 2015

While many try to place video games and constant playing on gadgets into a negative category, research has come to suggest that playing these games can have many neurological, cognitive and psychological benefits. It may have the ability to better the lives of people with disorders such as multiple sclerosis.

Many studies that have conducted research on how the activity effects MS patients have focused on games that involve balance. Since there is a miscommunication between the brain and the rest of the body when living with the disease, loss of balance is a very common symptom.

The Nintendo Wii Balance Board is an accessory that requires standing upon it and shifting weight according to whichever onscreen activity one is engaging in. This has been observed in a small study which showed that this could in fact reduce a patient’s risk of accidental falls and improve their overall balance.

Other research has also indicated that video games can help with other symptoms associated with the disease such as depression, memory loss and loss of fine motor skills.

Controller and keyboard-based games have very much been shown to improve user’s fine motor skills as well as their hand-eye coordination. One study in particular found that those who played Counter-Strike, a first-person-shooter game, had better basic motor skills including precision, aiming and speed than those who had never played the game before.

A variety of studies had also found that older adults who played video games had improved their short-term memory and working memory. This is said to be true since action video games improve visual working memory, although it seems that there hasn’t yet been any discovery on the benefits it has for long-term memory.


Even if you don’t consider yourself a ‘gamer’, you should give some of these games a shot and see if it’s worth it, it could very much improve and alleviate some of the symptoms you are dealing with. 

Video Games Might Improve Your MS Symptoms - Fri August 14, 2015 11:23 AM