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Your Sodium Intake Might Be Increasing Disease Activity in MS

July 31, 2015


Have you ever felt a little off after consuming a food high in sodium? In cases like these you might want to consider ditching the salty snacks, especially if you have multiple sclerosis. Studies have shown that diets high in salt can worsen your symptoms. It also turns out that not only is the salt worse for your MS, but it also increases the risks of neurological deterioration.

While there are no definite conclusions as to if sodium intake is directly related to the causes of the effects in which have appeared, it is well advised for MS patients to avoid eating foods with high salt content.

Research that was published in the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry found that patients who had consumed higher amounts of salt throughout a certain period had experienced worse symptoms than those that consumed a lesser amount. This made the group with higher amounts of salt intake four times more likely to have MS episodes if they hadn’t already.

The disease (MS) in general was shown to have worsened with those that have consumed more salt than the other and that the disease had progressed much more than the low-salt intake group. Throughout this study researchers were able to create a link that bonded together salt intake and radiological indications of the neurological deterioration which was mentioned beforehand.

Research has also proven that people that suffer from relapsing-remitting MS (RRMS) were analyzed through blood and urine samples to test the levels of salt which was an indicator of inflammatory activity.

When measuring the urinary salt levels once again, scientists had also determined that men have a higher daily salt intake than women. It was agreed upon that qualities such as smoking, age, gender, treatment and vitamin D were also taken into consideration while conducting the studies.

It is important to maintain a balanced diet and be observant of the foods you feed your body. Knowing how to control things such as your sodium intake when living with an illness like multiple sclerosis can sometimes be a lifesaver.