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As a leader within the specialty of intrathecal therapy for home infusion, Basic Home Infusion takes a progressive approach to providing better care, better monitoring and better outcomes for patients with intrathecal pumps. We provides expertise in our nursing, pharmacy, training and management to ensure that intrathecal therapy is provided safely and accurately.

As one of the largest independent specialty infusion providers in the United States, Basic Home Infusion offers dedicated nursing and infusion services in support of the patients it serves. By coordinating your patients’ care with Basic Home Infusion, whatever your needs, you can be assured of our track record of commitment and quality.



Basic Home Infusion’s management systems take the stress out of the IT therapy for both the Physician and office staff. By performing the following tasks:

  • Completing all the pump services prior to office visit

  • Having the Monitoring Center handle 95% of the calls

  • Schedule Morphine and Baclofen pump refill dates

  • 24 hour on call for ER or MRI visits by BHI Nurse

  • Physician Web Portal Access via Internet for all clinical data

  • Access to support staff trained in IT therapies

  • Proactive management to avoid unscheduled visits

  • Hospital and SNF coverage for patients

  • Dosage consulting with BHI pharmacist

  • Gives physicians more control over the therapy

  • Increased profitability












Basic Home Infusion offers several services to the physician to reduce the workload in regards to intrathecal therapy maintenance. We take a comprehensive approach to the therapy that allows the ordering physician total control, while taking the actual refill, procurement of medication, and alarm date scheduling out of the physicians hands.

Our services include:

  • 24-Hour Monitoring Center

  • Nursing Services

  • All patient pump refills

  • All necessary programming (titration and bolus)

  • Scheduling and tracking of alarm dates

  • Pharmacy

  • Dosage consultation

  • Stability protocols

What the Monitoring Center does for Physicians

  • Provides timely and vital information on patient’s progress and offers options for therapy direction

  • Trained nurses on the therapy are immediately available to answer any and all questions on the MD’s patients that are with BHI (including programming)

  • Resource Center for pain and spasticity dosaging utilizing over 15 years experience in the field

  • Skilled Pharmacists to guide MDs through dosage navigation

  • Full patient information at the MD fingertips

  • Highly skilled clinicians that know their patients' norms, allowing for quick identification of potential problems

  • Nurses and Pharmacists that perform this sole therapy, offering a targeted knowledge level


When do I (the Physician’s office) use the Monitoring Center?

  • Patient requests should be made through the Monitoring Center because they are always available to take requests from physicians versus the field nurse who is not always available due to the nature of their work. They are able to provide accurate doses because all patient records are at their fingertips.

  • Because the field nurses are often times on the road, they do not always have the most up to date information at their fingertips. The monitoring center nurses can always access full patient information and take any order requests immediately, eliminating any back and forth questioning.

  • Patient records are available via the web portal or via fax (upon request)

  • Any requests for dosage and or therapy changes

  • Any time there is a question in regards to their patients

More Revenue- Less Liability

With BHI managing your patient’s pump refills, you will have more time to grow your practice without the liability from the high risk pump refill procedure.

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