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Basic Home Infusion is on the cutting edge of intrathecal therapy across the country. Based on our proven successful home infusion program, we have restored the confidence in physicians to increase the utilization of the implanted pumps and FDA approved drug therapies for the implanted pumps. As a national home infusion company with over 20 years of experience, we have designed new and innovative technologies to ensure a full optimization of a successful therapy. Basic Home Infusion has developed relationships with Medtronic, Flowonix and various pharmaceutical companies working in conjunction and co-marketing with their sales representatives across the country. Our company offers the opportunity for continued growth and advancements in the ever changing intrathecal pump market.

As a comprehensive provider of intrathecal infusion services, BHI works closely with a wide range of medical representatives and medical practitioners. For more than 20 years, these individuals and organizations have looked to BHI for reliable infusion and nursing care. BHI has been trusted throughout its tenure as a partner in entrepreneurial health care and patient care innovations.



Services BHI Provides for your clients

We will be involved with all aspects of co-marketing with any accounts that the medical reps introduce us to. We will provide marketing materials; contribute to dinners, lunches etc.

Clinical in-services

BHI will provide an RN, senior marketing rep or CEO to introduce our services to your accounts. We provide marketing materials and power point presentations to educate the staff of our program.

Presence at local seminars and conferences

BHI frequently attends pain and spasticity related conferences and symposiums to establish a presence and introduce our services.

Collaborative marketing strategies

BHI has successfully collaborated marketing strategies with various companies that are associated with intrathecal therapies.

Provide pre-education seminars to physician’s patient population

  • Infusion education and training

  • Nationwide home infusion nursing specialized in intrathecal therapy

  • Disease and therapy management programs


Refills for patients in the comfort of their homes and third party facilities

BHI specialized and unique program allows our RN’s to refill patients in the comfort of their homes, rehab centers, hospitals, group homes, etc.

Clinical support across the country

BHI will provide clinical support to all medical reps when needed. We will be able to dispatch a local RN for post MRI checks, pump interrogation when needed, supply drug to physicians when implanting new pumps for established patients, assist MD with emergent issues should they arise.

Restored confidence in IT therapy

Based on our successful patient outcomes, BHI has restored the confidence to the physicians in IT therapy and has provided a high level of clinical support.

BHI marketing and clinical reps to frequent physician accounts

 In order to maintain a working and established relationship with the physicians, we have introduced a national clinical marketing program that will allow for clinical visits every 45 days. Our personal visits instill a confidence that allows us to reestablish a connection and address any clinical or non-clinical needs the physician may have.

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